How much does a web site cost?

BTJ Design specializes in creating, revising, and maintaining affordable web sites for small and medium businesses. Asking how much a web site costs is a bit like asking how much a house costs; it can vary greatly depending on how big and how fancy a house you want.

This page provides basic information on cost, but please contact BTJ Design to discuss in more detail what you are looking for in a web site and how much your web site might cost. Total web site cost includes domain name registration fees, web site hosting fees, and design fees, all of which are discussed below.

Domain name registration fees

Network Solutions charges $70 to register a domain name (yourname.com) for two years, then a renewal fee of $35 for each additional year. ItsYourDomain.Com offers a two-year domain registration for $29.90. GoDaddy.Com offers a one-year domain registration for $8.95.It is possible to have a web site without registering a domain name, by using a URL (web site address) that includes the domain name of a web hosting service or perhaps your internet service provider. This often means having a long and cumbersome URL, and it may mean having advertisements on the web site. If you do not have a domain name and ever need to move the web site, people may not know where to find your site. For these reasons, registering a domain name is recommended. To find out if a domain name is available, or who owns it if it is not available, use "Who-is".

Web site hosting fees

Once you have a domain name and a web site created, that web site must be located (hosted) on a computer server that is connected to the internet. Many companies offer web site hosting services at widely varying prices. If you do not already have one lined up, here is the hosting company and service plan used by BTJ Design and many of its clients:

The above plan offers ample storage space, POP e-mail accounts and other useful e-mail features, FTP and CGI-script capabilities, password protected directories, visitor statistics reports, free search engine submission, and more. Many supposedly cheaper hosting services do not include all of these services in their basic price.

Web site design fees

This is where BTJ Design comes in, and where the cost will depend on what you want in your web site. Simple web sites may only cost a couple of hundred dollars, while very large sites with many "bells and whistles" may cost in the thousands. Rather than charging on a "per page" basis (all pages are not alike!) or charging different rates for graphics and HTML work, BTJ Design generally charges $70 per hour for all web site services. An estimate of total cost will be provided once the scope of the site is determined, and fixed fee agreements can also be arranged. References are available on request who can attest to receiving good value for design dollars spent. BTJ Design wants your complete satisfaction and your future referrals!

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