Web site services

BTJ Design provides complete web site design, administration, and maintenance services. Depending on the individual client's desires, BTJ Design can handle virtually every aspect of getting a new web site up and running, or the client can handle certain aspects to keep costs down.

If you already have a web site but are looking for limited assistance with new graphics or other minor revisions to your site, BTJ Design can efficiently provide those services, too! Below are details on BTJ Design's services.

Web site setup

BTJ Design can take care of registering your domain name, procuring a hosting company for your site (see our Cost page for information on domain name registration and site hosting), transferring all of your web site files to the host server, setting up your POP e-mail accounts and e-mail alias and forwarding information, creating password protected directories on your web site, and other administrative work involved in a new web site.

Web site design and creation

Working closely with each client, a plan is developed for overall site appearance, content, and organization. If the client has existing marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, or advertisements, these may provide a head start on web site content or design. Text copy can be provided by the client, or BTJ Design can draft content based on information from the client. Graphics, multimedia, and interactive features are incorporated into the site as appropriate. Pages are prepared to present a consistent appearance at all monitor resolutions and using both major web browsers. Opportunity for client review and revisions is provided as individual pages are prepared.


Graphic services include scanning and modifying a client's photographs or other graphics, as well as creating graphics for new or existing web sites. Careful attention is paid to formatting graphics to minimize download time while preserving image quality. Check out some of BTJ Design's graphic work:

  • Logos. Samples of logos either created or reworked by BTJ Design.

  • Animations. Samples of web animations, including banner ads, created by BTJ Design.


BTJ Design can digitize audio or video media so that your web site includes audio files (in Real, MP3, or WAV formats) and video clips (in Real or MPEG formats). If your web site hosting company provides this capability (sometimes offered at additional charge), Real media files can be in streaming format.

Site maintenance and revisions

Once your new web site is in place, BTJ Design can provide continuing maintenance and update services. For many clients this is done on a quarterly basis. Others request revisions as needed. By providing responsive and cost-effective service, BTJ Design looks forward to long-lasting relationships with clients.

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