BTJ Design Portfolio

A web site should:
  • have a cohesive, attractive appearance;
  • be well-organized;
  • have clear, well-written content;
  • express the character of its owner;
  • allow easy navigation; and
  • be fast loading.
Below are samples of custom web sites by BTJ Design.
Web Sites for Businesses:

A site for an attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Flat Rabbit
A site for a color consultant and painter in Colorado.

A site for a psychologist in Boulder, Colorado.

Blue Spruce Yoga
A clean, simple site for a yoga studio in Colorado.

Stretch Central
A site for Carol Dickman's Yoga Enterprises, featuring audio clips of cassette tapes for sale, and home page image map navigation.

Colorado School of Yoga
[This site is no longer maintained by BTJ Design.]

Sagittal Software Company
This site for the ByHand calligraphy program uses colors from a painting on the ByHand box, for a unified look and to convey the warmth of calligraphy. The site features text graphics created with ByHand. [This site is no longer maintained by BTJ Design.]

Yoga With Balance
A site in warm colors for a yoga studio in New Mexico.
Web Sites for Organizations:

For a youth organization teaching horsemanship to kids in Colorado, this site uses animations as well as audio and video clips. The kids' page includes a java applet quiz show game. [This site is no longer maintained by BTJ Design.]

Yoga Teachers of Colorado
This is a fairly simple, low graphics site for a non-profit association. The site features their logo, reworked from a very basic black and white version. [This site is no longer maintained by BTJ Design.]

The Yoga Group
A moderately extensive site for a non-profit organization, incorporating javascript activated animations, audio files, image map navigation option, and guest book.
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